The Grand Red

Inimitable Red Gum timber table featuring a single 45cm thick piece of timber top salvaged from a farm in the Corryong area. The base has been constructed using 130 x 130mm solid Red Gum timber sections that have been splayed on a 17degree angle and feature inlayed Fossilised Red Gum that’s been carbon dated @ 7,000 years old and salvaged from 20 metres underground.


(L) 3200mm x (W) 1300mm x (H) 760mm

Type of Timber

Redgum and Ancient Redgum.

Type of Joinery

Mortice and tenon joints and floating tenons. All natural gum pockets have been hand filled using clear epoxy resin.


3 x coats 2 - Pack (clear lacquer).

The table rails have been half housed and slotted onto the legs.
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