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A core glossary is a simple glossary or defining dictionary which enables definition of other concepts, especially for newcomers to a language or field of study. We have put this glossary together to give you an understanding of these terms as they will be invaluable when researching and purchasing your timber furniture.

Bevel cut

An angled cut through a board.


A piece of wood that has been cut so that it is wider on one edge than the other.


The sharp intersection of two surfaces, e.g. Face and edge of a piece of timber.


A small rounded, raised profile, routed along the edge of a board.

Book match

Two pieces of timber from a flitch are arranged side by side. A properly done book match will resemble a mirror image of the opposite side.


The body of a piece of furniture with a box like shape. (i.e. a kitchen cabinet)


A tool that allows you to drill a hole so that the head of a screw will sit flush with the face of a board.

Drawer Stop

A device installed in a cabinet to limit the drawers’ travel.

Floating top

Secured in such a way that it can move away from what it is anchored to. i.e., a tabletop and base.


The colour alignment and size of wood fibres in a piece of timber.


A room or building where temperature, moisture, and the amount of air circulating are controlled to dry wood.

Moisture Content

A measure of the amount of water in a piece of timber.


Distance top protrudes from base.


A method of cutting timber where the annual rings is relatively perpendicular to the face of the board. Quartersawn timber tends to be more dimensionally stable than other forms of timber, such as plain sawn.


A horizontal board that runs along the underside of a table. The horizontal part of a raised panel door.

Raised Panel

A piece of wood that is the centre of a frame and panel assembly.


A broad flat piece of wood cut directly from the log, often with bark on both edges.


A term referring to a board that has no or very few defects, which will affect its strength.