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By admin
15 Mar 2013

Who doesn’t love a Wooden Table?


People are falling in love with timber again! Timber watches, sunglasses, fashion accessories and home wares are really fashionable at the moment.

Both Christian and I have noticed an obvious increase in the number of new customers opting for natural timber when refurbishing their homes. Specialising in hand made recycled timber tables we have seen many of our consumers drifting towards lighter coloured timbers. Timbers such as Messmate, White Oak and American Oak, Shining Gum and Spotted Gum.

Timber is timeless, practical and tranquil to live with. In Australia we are very spoilt for choice. There are numerous recycled native Australian timbers available. For example Messmate, Red Gum, Brush Box, Black Butt and Spotted Gum timber. Timber can be retrieved from demolished buildings or structures such as bridges providing a beautiful story behind each piece. Consider bringing some timber in your home and you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment .