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By admin
7 Nov 2011

Timber Characteristics

Distinctive markings on the surface of the wood provide wood a unique appearance. These markings may occur naturally due to common deviation in the structure of the tree or as rare exceptions.

birds eye

Birds eye
A figure on wood, usually maple and a few other species. Numerous small circular shapes resembling a bird’s eye. The figuring is most common on plain sawn timber.

iddle back

Fiddle back
A decorative wood figure caused by wavy grain. Quite rare and sought after for tabletops, especially slab top tables. Fiddle back veneer is often used for musical instruments.

Gum Veins

Gum veins
A ribbon of gum between growth rings. Displayed as a discontinuity in the woods grain.

Gum pocket

Gum pocket
A cavity that contains, or contained resinous gum.

Growth rings

Growth rings
These show us where the tree was exposed to drought, fire, wind and flood.


Insect holes


A part of the tree where a branch has been overgrown by the tree and incorporated into its trunk.


A ribbon like figure caused by the strands of cells, which extend across the grain in quarter-sawn timber.


Small bud formations in the tree trunks, caused by virus or insect infestation.The wood tissue is distorted.