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By admin
21 Mar 2012

Oven’s River Timber Story

Our company has a strong philosophy of sustainable practices in every aspect of our operation, especially sourcing and preparing the materials used. Ultimately we re-use waste timber and fabricate magnificent solid timber furniture and architectural joinery.

Australia has many old timber structures such as bridges, woolsheds and wharves which when demolished can be re-used. The timber is carefully stripped out and stockpiled by demolishers who usually sell the salvaged timber to merchants who subsequently re-mill the timber. Prior to milling, bolts and nails are detected using a metal detector, manually removed and the timber is cut to size.

Oven's River Timber Story

We often acquire large slabs of timber directly from the source i.e., the farmer or miller. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Structurally, the timber has been cut to our specifications, e.g., thickness, eliminating any timber waste on the factory floor and ensuring the timber has been stacked and dried optimally for its’ use in high end furniture and architectural joinery. Financially, customers receive a reduced rate because of the money saved from the elimination of the timber merchants’ transaction and emotively we can authenticate the timber’s origins more accurately, therefore sharing the tree’s personal story.

From time to time I feel compelled to share a timber’s story and this is one of them…

Oven's River Timber Story This magnificent tree, de-stabilised by flooding of the Oven’s River in 2010, was retrieved from a flooded area of farmland just outside Myrtleford in North East Victoria. This massive tree was hauled from the river using a 30-tone excavator, preventing it entering and destroying an adjoining hop farm. The tree was subsequently milled into slabs and carefully piled using timber batons. We purchased 4 slabs of this old log. Measuring 3 metres in length and between 1600 – 1900mm in width, they are continuing to dry at our Factory/Showroom in Coburg. When the timber’s moisture content measures approximately 11%, it will be made into a tabletop or used for architectural joinery.

Oven's River Timber Story