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By admin
17 Oct 2012

Satisfaction Lies In The Effort

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory".
Mahatma Gandhi

It’s 8pm and I am sorting all the work I have bought work home from the office, as I must everyday, in an endeavor to keep up with my workload. As my teeth clench down on a fresh Nicabate chewing gum I reach for my stapler which has once again has been borrowed by my 7 year old to staple half a tree in white paper whilst making yet another self written and illustrated book. He has many in his series, luckily for him mostly containing the names Mum, Dad, William, Max, Barry (the dog) and the word LOVE. I stamp up the stairs to his bedroom ranting “William. My stapler is as important as your father's hammer… my bloody stapler is his hammer so don’t touch it again!!”

How can one get angry? Pretty bloody easily it would seem as I tap these words out on my computer. Mind you I’ve had to delete his Microsoft Word document – the words “diary of a wimpy kid” written in

Chalk duster font in Bold size 72

He has infiltrated every aspect of my ‘working from home’ life. William has single handedly destroyed 2 printers in his short administrative life. I think his obsession with photocopying is at its’ concluding stages and as such I have saved a keepsake of these years. A photocopied image of his little cheek and lips and another of his bottom with two little plums squashed below it. Yes, without my knowledge, he and his brother had a great photocopying session one afternoon. It took me quite a few seconds to make out what the images were strewn all over my desk.

Wills face photocopied

I’m acutely aware of how important quality home life is to each member of my family’s wellbeing, however in order to achieve our goal in this sphere the fact is I must often carry out work from home.

Christian is upstairs overseeing the kids teeth brushing and carrying out reading chores whilst I am settling into an evening filled with emails, BAS, image editing, quote typing, bill paying and technology synchronization. Yippee! I need someone to help me with these tasks but I ask myself what would their job description be? In other words what am I willing to hand over to someone else after all these years? I have outsourced quite a few of the important aspects of running a business such as accounting, payroll and data entry, however as every small business owner will know. No one knows your business like YOU!

My hard work and dedication has rewarded myself and my family greatly and as I anticipate another very late night in front of my computer screen surrounded by organized piles of paperwork I think of the simple yet valuable words my much loved sister in law shared with me one stressful day… “An elephant can only be eaten one bite at a time”.

Fiona Cole