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By admin
13 Jan 2012

I’m livin’ on the edge

I”m back at work and in the words of one of my best friends – “I’m livin’ on the edge”. I am referring to my endeavor to work with 6 and 9 year old boys in tow.

Home Made house 2As I type these words my concentration is being severely tampered by the blaring sounds of Justin Bieber, a CD that William has insisted I play on my PC. Amidst the words “it’s a big, big world and girl I’m gonna show you all of it”, I glance around my office cringing at the trail of destruction or as my sons would describe “projects”. A pile of Lego, most of which is deeply wedged in a shag pile rug that will require vacuuming to remove, half eaten food deposits randomly scattered on the couch, desks, floor and the bottom of my shoe! Wrappers that haven’t quite made the rubbish bin. (In honesty I don’t think they were ever intended for the bin). They’ve “done over” the kitchen with what can only be described as a dreadful waste of food…. or is it chalk…. actually what is that? No area has been spared today. Even my bathroom has been visited, numerous times by the look of the toilet seat and shards of toilet paper that have not quite made the toilet bowl. My treasured Aesop hand cream, probably mistaken as liquid soap, is now smeared all over the ceramic basin and my perfectly ironed, strategically placed, linen hand towel now resembles a dirty tea-towel.

William and his obsession with the photocopier has led to a paper jam that now only a technician can repair. Great!!

Home Made houseDownstairs, on the factory floor, they have been also entertaining themselves. Making use of whatever takes their fancy they have each created a house for me. Wooo Hooo. Great… another large wooden creation to trip over as I attend to cries for help in the middle of the night. Almost simultaneously I’m tapped on the shoulder as I type at my desk. “Mum… Mum… Muum… Muuum… Muuuuum” to which I finally respond “WHAT”? “Look, we made some new houses for you”. I conceded defeat and begrudgingly, taking a deep breath raised my hands from the keyboard, pushed off my desk, and rolled my chair back giving them my full attention. Looking at their “projects” it’s remarkable what can be done with some veneer board off cuts, hardwood dominoes, PVA glue, concentration and imagination. Each yelled over the top of the other whilst outlining the specifics of their designs, pointing out the various features and why one was better than the other.

Work life is family life to Christian and I. As much as we complain we are very lucky having the flexibility to bring our children to work with us. No doubt I will have two new wooden creations loaded into the back of my car tonight whilst Christian is left to ponder the cost of the $120.00 worth of hardwood dominoes used in their “projects”. To all the mothers and fathers out there working (or not) with children these school holidays – hang in there and I will toast a glass of wine (or two) to you tonight!