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By admin
31 Mar 2014

Christian Cole Furniture working with Disability Works Australia

Christian Cole Furniture believes everybody deserves a fair chance in life and as such we’ve formed a working relationship with Disability Works Australia, hiring people with a disability.

Disability Works Australia is a charity established to facilitate the provision of employment for people with a disability and assists employers in this process. Disability Works Australia has increased the number of people working with disabilities in the Australian workforce by promoting the benefits of employing people with disability and educating employers of the availability of schemes to assist with the employment of people with disability.


John's handy work

With a position available, we contacted D.W.S. and chatted about the job and the qualities we were looking for in an employee. The basic requirements were honesty, dedication, initiative and attention to detail. We sought someone who would appreciate a team environment and being part of our team. A week later we were introduced to John who is visually impaired.

John loves woodwork, calling it his “ hobby and passion “ and is a very creative person who works on his own projects at home. We all look forward to seeing John each Thursday and especially love the coffee he makes. Must be his Italian heritage. John’s duties include:

  • Making sure the showroom is clean.
  • Sanding timber.
  • Looking after our vegetable garden.
  • Running errands on his electric bike.
  • Sweeping and sorting timber off cuts making sure the factory is tidy.
  • Preparing furniture for delivery.
  • Feeding and watering our chickens.
  • Ordering lunch and making coffee and tea at morning tea and lunchtime.

John is always smiling and happy to oblige in any way. Initially John found working very daunting with many new things to learn and people to interact with, however gradually over time he has found more confidence and with Christian’s help now gently pushes himself “outside of his comfort zone”. John feels more valued as a person and enjoys the financial benefits of being employed. We would recommend this service to anyone and am extremely grateful that we found John!

Fiona Cole