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By admin
17 Jan 2012

Caring for your timber furniture

If you own a timber table or sideboard made by Christian the following tips may be helpful to maintain our quality finish:

marri table1. Use a feather duster or soft cloth to regularly dust thus avoiding a build up of dust and grime as this will make the surface look dull. After meals wipe the surface with a slightly damp dishcloth.

2. Very importantly – never allow water or moisture to remain on the table surface i.e., pool on the tabletop. Remove all spillages immediately.

3. Never use abrasive cleaners on the table surface.

4. Never position tables where they will be exposed to direct sunlight, near heating or air conditioning vents, humidifiers or a fireplace.

5.Protect wood finishes using insulated place mats or coasters.

6. Never heat a ceramic vessel such as a coffee cup in the microwave and place immediately onto a timber table surface.

7. If positioning a vase ensure the base of the vase is totally dry to avoid ring marks being left behind.

8. Use protective leather or felt pads under all writing, craft projects or sewing etc.

9. Anything left permanently on the surface will leave a darker shadow, as natural and electrical lighting tend to lighten exposed timber over a period of time.

Most importantly … ENJOY your table and if something damages the surface it is not the end of the world. It can be fixed!